9100 Viscount Blvd
El Paso, TX, 79925
(915) 592-3141
meat and barbecue
I Ate:  the large brisket sandwich, cole slaw, chips
Price:  ~5.75 + tax

(Five stars all around)

Take Viscount North from the Interstate, and it'll curve around towards the West; you'll find a shopping center on the left-hand side with Smokey's Pit Stop & Saloon.  Half bar, half restaurant, their specialty is barbecued meat.


Actually, friends, I was going to review another restaurant; but I'd gotten started late, and the place closes early, so I was out of luck and quite famished.  I'd noticed Smokey's nearby, and wasn't impressed by the look of the place, but didn't particularly want to review Wendy's (another nearby place) and also didn't feel like driving around again.  And so, in I went.

Smokey's is a house divided, with a bar on the left and in back, and a small cafeteria on the right.  While the bar was occupied, the restaurant was deserted.  I entered anyway, and walked up to the counter.

A young gentleman appeared from in back and asked what I wanted.  I asked what was good, and he predictably replied, "everything".  He then mentioned the brisket was the biggest seller, and I took his advice, ordering the large sandwich along with a side of slaw and a packet of chips.


The young man got out an impressive looking (and smelling) side of brisket, and expertly thin-sliced a generous portion.  I asked for the works, and got it; mustard, pickles, onions, and a generous amount of barbecue sauce.  A little tub of cole slaw, a bag of chips, and a large soda in a styrofoam cup completed my order.

The brisket was hot and tender, tasty, with flavor not entirely from the barbecue sauce; a pleasure to consume.  The cole slaw was slightly more liquid than I prefer, but not watery nor sour; nice and fresh.  The chips -- it was a bag of Lay's potato chips, I'm sure you know what to expect.

Seems this little place is quite popular, and I would've encountered a crowd if I'd arrived earlier in the evening.  They also sell meat in quantity for parties.  I ducked into the bar for a look; nice place, not playing the music too loud, pool tables in the back...  Friendly joint.

Y'know, I usually try not to be misled by appearances, but Smokey's sure fooled me.  Terrific place to duck in for lunch, and a bargain to boot.  I enjoyed my meal thoroughly, and I'm giving Smokey's highest marks.


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