10600 Montana Av
El Paso, TX 79935
(915) 598-3333
Mexican Cuisine
I Ate: Fish tacos, quesadillas
Price: ~$9 + tax/tip

(Four-and-a-half stars at its best; three at its worst)

Avila's Mexican Food restaurant is on the South side of Montana, just West of Yarborough.  To get there take Yarborough North from the Interstate until it ends, make a right-hand turn and it'll be there on the right.  Avila's has also opened a second restaurant on Mesa St.


I walked through the gate into a small courtyard, and then into the restaurant itself.  The place had a nice feel to it, good atmosphere...  I was quickly seated by a very courteous (to an extreme, actually) young woman, and after a few distractions, I ordered the quesadillas as an appetizer, and the daily special, which was fish tacos.


So much for my good feeling about the restaurant.  The Quesadillas arrived quickly, and I bit into one.  Fajita and cheese, and nothing else.  Plain quesadillas?  The menu specified various add-ons for the quesadillas, for additional cost, but I'd thought there would be SOMETHING else.  There was some salsa in a dish on the plate, but it didn't look all that appetizing to me.  Ah well.  I ate my cheese sandwich, mexican style, and awaited the main course.

It didn't take long.  I was presented with a plate containing three tacos, and sparing portions of beans and rice.  The tacos were filled with bits of fried fish; it was impossible to tell how fresh it was.  The tortilla shells had been fried as well, and were a bit on the soggy side.  I was seriously underwhelmed by this meal.  Afterwards, I asked about dessert, but wasn't in the mood for the only dish available (sopapillas).

I'd heard good things about Avila's Mexican restaurants, and was surprised by what I received.  It's difficult to screw up mexican cuisine, but somehow they managed.  Serving so-so food as the special of the day is even more egregious.  With dozens of other better Mexican restaurants in El Paso, I'm amazed Avila's survives.


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