1610 N. Zaragosa
El Paso, TX
(915) 855-3283
I Ate: Dave's special pizza with pepperoni and meatball, medium
Price: ~$10 + tax

(Five stars at its best; three-and-a-half at its worst)

DoubleDave's PizzaWorks is a chain operating in various cities in Texas.  More of a tavern than a restaurant, DoubleDave's serves pizza and other similar Italian dishes, along with a wide variety of bottled and tap beverages.  Go North on Zaragosa from the Interstate (making the turn off George Dieter), go a couple of lights, and you'll see DoubleDave's on the right.


The power of advertising is strong, grasshopper!  I'd passed DoubleDave's a few times before, not particularly interested in visiting; later on I'd heard some commercials on the radio, and that one night I was on the road, driving, hungry, and wondering which place to review, guess what popped into my head?

I pulled into the parking lot and sauntered in.  Bags of pizza dough mix near the door, kegs of beer further on, I'm sure you've seen that sort of decorator scheme before.  There was a pool table, and several arcade games, and the jukebox was blaring fairly loud.  I went to the counter to order, and ordered a pie; noting the large selection of bottled beers behind the counter, I asked whether they had any sort of cider.  I was pleasantly surprised when the counterman pulled out a bottle of Woodpecker amber cider.

I had a seat at one of the tables and took a few pulls from my bottle, and waited for my pizza.  It took a bit, and I would've preferred company; unfortunately, I'd neglected to bring any with me.   In any case, ten minutes later, I had my pizza.


Welp -- the pizza was fresh, not soggy, with a chewy crust; but I'd have to rate it an eight on a scale from one to ten.  It had a taste of garlic, olive oil, but it was about on par with Domino's or Little Caesar's.  Nothing amazing.  Still, for bar food, this is more than I'd expected; most taverns skimp on the taste since most diners have dulled their tongues on the drink.

I don't think I'm going to be back, at least not without some buddies.  The food was okay, the drinks were numerous, and next time I'll be sure to show up on Wednesday, when they have an all-you-can-eat special running.  With company it's a good place; without, it's just pizza.


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