1840 N Lee Trevino Drive
Suite 101
El Paso, TX 79936
(915) 590-7873
Oriental Cuisine
I Ate:  Barbecued beef, egg roll
Price:  ~$8 + tax/tip

(Five stars at its best; four at its worst)

Hiding in a strip-mall complex, on the NE corner of Lee Trevino and Trawood Dr, is the Mongolian Bar-B-Q restaurant.  The food is oriental, but not what you might expect...  Read on.


I dropped in one evening, expecting to find a standard Oriental restaurant; indeed, one of the first things I spotted on entering appeared to be a buffet table.  I asked how much, and was told "5.40".  Interested, I approached.

Well, it had to be the strangest buffet table I'd ever seen.  There were no dishes; instead, plainly visible were bowls of vegetables, containers of sauces, and under covers in a frozen section were bowls of various meats, quite raw.  "Unh?"  I exclaimed.  I then consulted the waitress.

After a bit of explanation, I had it.  I took a bowl of frozen beef, and took another empty bowl along with me.  In the empty bowl went some noodles and various vegetables, including peppers, onions, carrots, water chestnuts, a few others...  I then followed one of the "recipes" posted and tossed in a few ladlefuls of various toppings.  Both bowls then went to the chef, who fried them together atop a big round griddle.

Yum.  The fresh-fried (barbecued is not the right term) beef and veggies were excellent, nice and fresh, yards better than the stale stuff you'd find in a buffet, with veggies that are firm and not floppy.  They also brought me a fresh-fried eggroll, searing hot; and a small scoop of rice and small bowl of soup.  The soup was okay, nothing special; the eggroll was pretty good.


Quite satiated, I asked for and received the check.  Ouch.  I'd been charged $6.50 for the beef dish; not the $5.40 (or $4.99 before taxes) I was told.  Apparently that price is only for take-out, and the waitress wasn't aware of it.  The eggroll was another $1.50.  There weren't any posted prices, aside for "specials".  I felt a bit taken advantage of, but paid the bill anyway.

Despite the great main course, I'm going to have to yank a full star off the rating, thanks to the price confusion.  Aside from that, if you want some nice fresh oriental food rather than the limp, overcooked stuff you'd find at a buffet, try the Mongolian Bar-B-Q restaurant.  Just double-check the prices first, okay?


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