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6080 Gateway Blvd E
El Paso, TX  79905
Bar and Restaurant
I Ate:  Chicken parmigiana w/ tortilla soup & house salad, the Rangoon sampler platter;
the "Ghirardelli Rockslide Brownie" for dessert
Price:  ~$23 + tax/tip

(Five stars at its best; four at its worst)

The Bombay Bicycle Club is on the Interstate-10 service road, East of Trowbridge Dr.  It has a large bar, and offers seafood, steak, chicken, and Mexican cuisine.


I found the BBC (Bombay Bicycle Club is quite a mouthful) after a bit of searching; some acquaintances had turned me on to the place, mentioning they had excellent tortilla soup.  I arrived early in the evening and walked inside.  The music issuing from the bar area was a bit loud, but not overly annoying.  I was seated shortly afterwards, and began browsing the menu.

Seems the BBC offers an all-you-can-eat fish platter; but only on Friday and over the weekend, or I'd've ordered it.  There were a number of specially seasoned dishes available, but none really attracted my attention.  The menu had a number of categories to choose from, with no headliner dishes.  I consulted with the friendly waitress; the strip steak is well thought-of, but I've never been fond of strip sirloin.  After being given a few alternatives, I chose the chicken parmigiana.

Both soup and salad arrived rapidly, and I first turned my attention to the soup.  It was good, with chunks of tortilla that hadn't yet turned to mush, and various other vegetables.  Not the best tortilla soup I've ever had, but still a nice start to the meal.  The large salad was composed of fresh lettuce and greens, with large croutons; I was rather happy with it.

The appetizer platter arrived as I was finishing my salad; the waitress jokingly chided me on not eating the cucumber.  Ordering appetizers here turned out to be a mistake; more on that later.  I set most of it aside for doggie-bagging, anticipating dessert, and waited for the main course.

Thankfully, my worries about the meal going downhill weren't justified.  A moderate portion of chicken parmigiana arrived, sitting on a bed of noodles in cream sauce.  The chicken was very good, with flavors of tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella, but it was nearly overwhelmed by the flavor of that cream sauce, rich and smooth.

Finding I still had a bit of space remaining, I ordered the headline dessert; the Ghirardelli Rockslide Brownie.  It came quickly, a fair sized slice of blondie accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  The blonde brownie had big chunks of nuts and lots of texture, making the name appropriate; it was quite good.


I'd have to rate the appetizer platter as a disappointment; mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, and potato skins, all of the frozen variety and lacking flavor.  There was an alternate platter available, with shrimp and potstickers and another item; but I don't believe it wouldn't've been any better.  I suspect the appetizers were made with bar flies in mind, for those who had already blunted their palates on the BBC's liquid fare.  My only other issue with this restaurant was that, all in all, it was a bit pricey for what was served.  Not a whole lot, though, and aside from the appetizer platter all the food was of excellent quality.

Neither of the above problems kept this restaurant from getting a solid four-star rating from me.  I'd avoid the appetizers, but if you're looking for a nice place to take a date, the Bombay Bicycle Club is a good choice.


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