8690 Edge of Texas Rd
El Paso, TX, 79934
(915) 822-3343
Steak and saloon
I Ate: The house special (ribeye steak with onions and mushrooms in a cream sauce), range beans, pineapple cole slaw,
tortilla soup, house salad, prime rib cocktail appetizer
Price: ~$29 + tax/tip

(Five stars all-around)

I called for directions to the Edge of Texas Steakhouse and Saloon; I was told, "Highway 54 and Dyer".  That confused me; the Dyer exit is in the middle of Northeast El Paso, and I'd thought the Edge of Texas was on the outskirts.  Well, turns out Dyer hits 54 a second time, way to the North and almost at the border.  I drove and drove, 'til the 54 Expressway ended and turned to a 6-lane highway; then 4 lanes, and finally a lane in each direction.  And that's where I found the Edge of Texas.


Soon after ordering, I was presented with bread, soup and salad.  The sourdough bread was hot and unbuttered; it worked well with the exceptionally tasty tortilla soup, recommended by the waitress when they'd run out of the soup-of-the-day.  With big chunks of tortilla, sweet red pepper, avocado, and other vegetables, it topped the meal off nicely.  The house salad was well-presented, with fresh lettuce and other vegetables.

I'd just polished off the soup and salad, when suddenly a BIG plate of appetizer was dropped in front of me.  The "prime rib cocktail" was big enough for three; nice sized chunks of steak swimming in cheese, bordered by onions stewed in cream sauce on one side and stewed red pepper on the other; and a bunch of tortillas to wrap it in.  Sounds delicious, doesn't it?  Well, it tasted as good as it sounds.  Still, I had to take most of it home.

Finally arrived the main course, a fairly large ribeye steak, smothered in the same onions and cream sauce, and mushrooms to boot.  The steak was quite tender and full of flavor, with the toppings adding an extra oomph.  The dinner came with two side dishes; I'd selected pineapple cole slaw, which was nice and fresh, as good a slaw as I've ever had.  I also chose the range beans, which were VERY tasty, much more so than any I've encountered in other restaurants.  I wound up doggie bagging a large part of the main course as well.

Between the two dishes I brought home, I had no need to cook anything else the next day.


Mmm...  My experience at the Edge of Texas was so good, I have to nit-pick to find something bad to say.  The only thing I could suggest to improve the meal would be to use fresh-made tortillas instead of the ones that came with the appetizer.  They were palatable when freshly heated, but nearly inedible as leftovers.  Minor, considering the rest of the meal.

So yes, if you want to take your guests on an adventure out of town, just get on Highway 54 and head North.  (Actually, it's 54 East, technically; but you're going North.)  Keep going 'til the expressway ends, and then go some more; and if you find yourself in New Mexico, well, you've gone too far.


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