1135 Airway Dr
El Paso, TX  79925
(915) 778-9696
Brewery, bar & grill
I Ate:  Full rack baby-back ribs, chili relleno rolls, chocolate layer cake
Price:  ~$24.30 + tax/tip

(Five stars at its best; four-and-a-half at its worst)

Get off I-10 at Airway, and go North a bit.  Pretty soon you'll come to where Viscount splits off, on the right.  Opposite it, on the left side, you'll find Jaxon's Brewery.  Specializing mostly in its home-brewed beers, Jaxon's is also a restaurant, serving grilled fare and pasta.


I must confess:  I don't drink.  At least, not much.  Especially not beer; I'm not fond of the taste.  I did get in the habit of ordering apple cider when I was in NY; it's mighty difficult to find down here in Texas.  Anyway, getting back to Jaxon's, I nearly went elsewhere, thanks to its focus on brewing.  Still, I was there, and I'd heard good things; so in I went.

As I was seated, however, I made the mistake of ordering a beer anyway.  This WAS a brewery, and I felt I should at least sample some of their stock.  Well, their Chihuahua brown ale could very well be a wonderful beverage, but I really couldn't tell you.  It wasn't to my taste.  I left most of it over.


Next to be delivered was a plate with what looked like two large egg rolls.  These were instead filled with chili relleno and cheese, and were recommended by the waiter.  They tasted very good, with an interesting flavor and texture, not spicy, and did a good job in taking the very edge off my hunger.

After a bit of a wait, the main course arrived.  All on one large platter were a salad with dressing on the side, a mess of curly fries, and a BIG rack of baby-back ribs, slathered with barbecue sauce.  The ribs were featured in the menu, and I'd asked the waiter about them; most restaurants serve basically the same ribs, frozen and tough.  The waiter assured me these would be better.  For the fortune they cost, I hoped it was true.

First off, this rack was considerably larger than the others I'd seen.  I guess they came off a pig who was a bigger baby.  The rack was also cut thicker, with more meat hanging off.  I was very surprised at how tender the meat was; you could literally pull the bones out while leaving the meat behind.  The taste was wonderful, the meat melted in my mouth and went down smoothly.  The fries were good, and the salad was okay; but the ribs...  Yum!

I'm not sure how I managed to make room for dessert; I suppose, like most good meat, the ribs just stepped to the side.  Again I ordered what the waiter recommended, the chocolate layer cake.  When it arrived, I instantly began to regret ordering it; I wasn't certain I could handle the enormous slice of devil's food cake, thick icing, chocolate chips covering the top, glued upright to the plate by chocolate sauce thick as mud, and topped and surrounded by bursts of whipped cream.  Y'know, some people like paintings, some like statues in bronze, but my favorite art forms are ephemeral; this particular work lasted less than ten minutes; and I was full to bursting.

Let me sum up in closing:  The dessert?  Yum!  The main course?  Yum!  The appetizer?  Yum!  The beer?  Umm...  Well...  Heh!  If you decide to go, write me back and tell me if you liked the beer.  I really can't advise you on that.


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