inside the Speaking Rock Casino
122 S. Old Pueblo Road
El Paso, TX, 79907
(915) 860-7777
Mexican cuisine
I Ate:  Steak fajita platter, Mexican combo platter
Price:  $17.50 + tax/tip

(Five stars at its best; four-and-a-half at its worst)

Take Zaragosa Road south from the interstate, turn left on Alameda and make a quick right, and you'll find the Speaking Rock casino.  Inside is Wyngs, well known for its Mexican food.


One of the first problems with this restaurant is getting there.  Zaragosa is a congested street, and you must travel a few miles before you reach Alameda.  The casino is hiding on a side street, with a small parking lot across the way.  A very small parking lot, in fact, considering the number of people coming to the casino.  You'll probably wind up parking much farther away, or paying a few dollars for closer parking.  I managed to park, but only because I arrived very early on a weekday.

The second obstacle -- beware ye the sins of gambling!  Reaching the restaurant required threading my way through row after row of slot machines and various other games...  I wound up dropping $10 on the slots.  Shame on me.  I nearly fell victim to the Keno game running even inside the restaurant, but I valiantly pulled myself away and concentrated on the food.


Ahh, the food...  I ordered the Mexican combo platter, wanting to have an assortment of food to taste.  The restaurant also brags about its fajitas, so I ordered the beef fajita platter, intending to take most of it home.  As I waited for my food, I munched on the provided nachos, enjoying the hot, thick and fruity salsa.

The combo platter arrived first, and it was a blast.  Beans and rice, nice.  The chile relleno wasn't too spicy to hide its taste.  The enchilada was good, but the taco -- it was square!  Never had a square taco before.  Good, though.  The traditional gordita was quite a treat.  Don't let Taco Bell tell you what a gordita is; they're wrong!  There was plenty of food, and I barely had any space for what was to come next.

After polishing off the combo platter the waiter brought out a big sizzling pan piled with steak and onions, a pot with a few fresh fajitas and a bowl with guacamole and seasonings.  I was able to handle one fajita without bursting -- I felt I had a duty to my readers to try one fresh from the kitchen!  It was quite good; the beef wasn't overcooked, and had a nice taste that wasn't masked by the seasonings.  I scraped the remaining beef, fajitas and seasonings into the styrofoam doggie bag provided by the waiter.  It made a nice late evening snack.

So stray ye not from the path of righteousness; and if ye avoid the cars, the crowd, and the machines of sin, ye shall find your way to thy just rewards, a wonderful meal of Mexican food, at Wyngs Restaurant.


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