11355 Montwood Dr
El Paso, TX  79936
(915) 857-3355
Pizza Buffet
I Ate: The buffet, with drink
Price: $4.08 + tax

(Five stars all around)

There are three CiCi's Pizza parlors in El Paso; I went to the one east of the intersection of Montwood Drive and George Dieter Rd.  CiCi's offers takeout, but is best known for its very inexpensive pizza buffet.


CiCi's is very definitely NOT a classy restaurant.  Don't wear your suit or good dress, and be prepared for noisy kids and adults watching the television.  Also, don't expect the absolute best pizza you've ever eaten.  If you give high scores for presentation, please note that plenty of CiCi's pizzas look downright ugly, and are displayed on a set of well-used buffet bars.

Also, one other caveat -- your taste for pizza may differ from mine.  I've had a couple of acquaintances tell me they preferred other restaurants to CiCi's.


Welp -- they may not have liked CiCi's, but I certainly did.  I've tried a few places since I moved out this way, and all too often I wind up with soggy slices, dripping oil off the top as they flop down around your hand.  Not here; the crusts were nice and crispy, holding their shape, letting you pick up a slice and take a bite.  There wasn't too much oil in the toppings, nor was the pizza too dry.  Perhaps CiCi's may not be to your taste, but at a little over $4 for a full meal, you can certainly afford to try.

CiCi's has a much wider buffet selection than Pizza Hut, and they run it from 11 AM 'til 9 at night.  The choices include yummy pizza rolls, barbecue pizza, beef, pepperoni, canadian bacon, vegetable, spinach white pizza (a personal favorite), various combinations, hot pizza with jalapenos (of course), and a few varieties in sicilian style (cut into squares with a thick crust).  All their pizza is tasty and fresh; there's lots of turnover at the tables, keeping it that way.  If you're hankering for anything special, the friendly chef behind the bar will bake a few slices, just for you.  Also available are dessert pizzas covered with custard, chocolate, or apple-pie filling.

I'm going to award CiCi's with my highest rating, double-five-stars.  Maybe you could cook yourself a more satisfying meal for less money, but I don't see any way you'll find that option at a restaurant.  Hungry and hankering for pizza?  Whether you've five dollars or fifty in your wallet, CiCi's Pizza is an excellent choice.


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