Wow.  What a disaster... -- John.

11865 Gateway West Blvd
El Paso, TX, 79936
A bar & grill restaurant
I Ate:  The Porterhouse steak, Baby Back Ribs Basket, salad, cinnamon apples
Price:  $24 + tax/tip

(Three stars at its best; one at its worst)

Logan's Roadhouse is a restaurant chain hailing from Tennessee.  They've adopted a bar & grill theme.  The restaurant in El Paso stands atop a hill, lit with neon, on the North side of the interstate and a bit West of the Zaragosa exit.


One of the first things you notice about Logan's Roadhouse, when you walk in, is the peanut husks covering the floor.  This is an old tradition in many bars; the husks absorb spilled drinks pretty well, and make it difficult to slip.  They also polish the hardwood floor, and the peanut oils inside give the flooring a nice honey color.  At least, they should have polished the hardwood floor; the Logan's in El Paso has poured slab flooring.  I do hear they have hardwood floors in other states...

The husks come from buckets of peanuts on each table.  I must say that the peanuts were pretty good.


Unfortunately, after the peanuts, the meal went downhill.  The salad was pretty good, the bread was good but was coated with butter.  I personally prefer dry crusts, and being able to butter my own bread; your taste may differ.

Next was the appetizer, after a small amount of confusion with my order.  The baby back ribs were edible, though by no means anything special; dry, with the standard barbecue sauce.  Under the ribs lay a bed of bland nachos, along with a container of still blander barbecue sauce.  After the tangy sauce on the ribs, I could barely tell the dip from catsup.

I'd ordered cinnamon apples with my steak, as a change from the typical baked potato; it was a good choice.  It was certainly better than the 22 oz porterhouse, which was overcooked and tough.  I don't think grilling it properly would've helped much; it was fairly cheap meat.  Very unexpected, from a restaurant which touts its steaks on its front facade and displays them in a glass case.

I'm certain this meal would've been lots better with beer goggles and a numb tongue; I'm reviewing restaurants, though, not bars.  Every other drink 'n dine establishments I've been to had better food than Logan's.  If you're looking for a spot to munch peanuts and drink beer, well, maybe this'll fit your bill; I still wouldn't recommend it.  The place lacks character.  I'm going to have to suggest you give this one a pass.  Go to a local bar & grill instead.


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