Many of you may be wondering, "now why would he have reviewed THAT restaurant?"  Well, read on... -- John.

11315 Montwood Dr
El Paso, TX, 79936
A diner-style restaurant
I Ate:  The Big Texas Barbecued Chicken Burger, salad, cherry lemonade
Price:  $8.87 + tax/tip

(Five stars at its best; four-and-a-half at its worst)

Denny's Restaurants are a national chain, with six locations in El Paso.  I ate at the one on the corner of Montwood and George Dieter, next to Pep Boys.  Denny's serves American-style food, and is best known for their hamburger platters.  All of the Denny's restaurants in El Paso are open 24 hours.


Yep, I'm reviewing Denny's.  Why?  Well, when was the last time you went to eat there?  It's a rather overlookable restaurant, more expensive than fast food, yet not sufficiently special for a celebration.  I tend to rely too much on fast food, and occasionally my body starts telling me I'd better improve my diet, or else!

I popped into the restaurant in the early afternoon, and was quickly seated.  I ordered a glass of lemonade with cherry syrup; it was quite palatable.  The house salad was reasonably fresh.  My order, the Big Texas Barbecued Chicken Burger, arrived promptly, and I proceeded to chow down.  I got hung up on the slivers of bacon, sticking out the sides of the sandwich, but managed to extricate myself.

Denny's has a variety of other dishes available; from hot and cold sandwiches to roast turkey and grilled steak.  They also serve various breakfast meals, and have a large selection of desserts.


The only issue I had with my meal was the french fries; they were a bit undercooked, to my taste.  No big deal.  Doesn't count.

I was sorely tempted to give Denny's a double-five-star rating; they've certainly achieved their goals.  You can go get yourself some soup and salad, and truthfully tell Ma you've been eating right.  Bring a friend to talk, it's a nice quiet place, and you won't get distracted by bad food.

You won't be distracted by amazing food, either.  Denny's gives you a wholesome meal, but it's nothing special.  On occasion, if you're talking with a friend, it's good to be pleasantly distracted by what you're eating.  Of course, this isn't likely to happen with a meal costing less than $10.

Looking for a good place to sit down and get a predictably good meal?  Go to Denny's.


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